Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th

Tomorrow is the first day of our 1015-16 school year.  We had the opportunity, last week, to meet with many of our students.  I must say, that I am just as eager and nervous as they are.

Last week during our district PD days, we spent a little time discuss our new feedback document and how best to show student learning, especially in math.  The district has provided Essential Understandings and under those are the "Learnings".  My team and I had already taken the first math pre-assessment, broke it down based on the district "I can" statements and placing those under the Essential Understandings.  At that time, we did not have access to the "Learnings".  Now we do, so once again, we had to do some tweaking.

This is where I feel tremendous stress and pressure.  These assessments were not prepared for us to begin our year. Once again, we jump in feet first, without any preparation. This type of work takes enormous amounts of time and thought.  I know we will continue to train this year but still...

So as I am about to embark on another amazing year, I try to remain open and willing to make the changes best needed for education and my students.  I hope to find my balance soon...

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